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World Book Day - Our Top Design Books.


March 4th highlights world book day, and with that in mind, we want to highlight some books on our favourite topic - design!

Check out some of our favourites below:

1) 100 Years of Bauhaus

Published in 2019, this book celebrates one hundred years of the Bauhaus school of design that began in 1919, and went on to shape modernism. The book contains over 550 illustrations on 400 pages . It traces the history and impact of Bauhaus that shaped design over the following one hundred years. This book is laid out beautifully, and carries a deep exploration into how Bauhaus transformed the world of design.

2) A Dictionary for Colour Combinations

Published in 1930s Japan by ground-breaking Kimono Designer and Teacher Sanzo Wada, this beautifully compiled book lays out 348 colour combinations that work impeccably together, which helped to lay the foundations of modern colour research. It’s an excellent book to have in your repertoire when creating artwork and developing products.

3) Styled by Emily Henderson

Written in easy to follow, simple language and guidelines, this book gives excellent insights into interior design composition. Author Henderson outlines ten easy steps to styling any space. This book is excellent for anyone looking for simple ways to transform their space.

4) The War Of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles by Steven Pressfield

Exploring the forms of resistance encountered by artists on their creative path, this book guides the reader through finding the best way of working through roadblocks within their art and reaching their creative potential.

5) Colour and Light - James Gurney

This book delves deep into the subject of colours and our perception of colour relative to lighting. It explores topics such as how indirect and ambient lighting affect our colour perception. This book has been carefully researched and collated, and is well worth having on your shelf if you work within the realms of colour and design.

6) Thinking Fast & Slow - Daniel Kahnemann

Thinking Fast and Slow was published in 2011. In this book, the Nobel Prize winner and psychologist describes how we think and which thought patterns influence our actions. It's a must read for those trying to nurture their path to creativity.

So now it’s your turn! This is just a small but mighty selection of some of our favorite design books, but we want to expand our list!  Have a book about design you love? Start the conversation, and let us know over on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Aisling comes from Ireland and lives in Berlin. She currently works with the Digitaplunge team at RenderThat. Aisling’s biggest interests are music, reading, and traveling.