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Five Essential 3D Youtubers


Youtube has for many years now been one of the most exciting, weird, wonderful, and resourceful places on the web.

From cute cat videos, to vloggers showcasing their new products, to breakout musicians and beyond, the platform has endless possibilities and entertainment value.

One of the best parts of the platform for 3D Designers of course, is its exceptional ability to inform and educate us on our topics of interest, with top level tutorials from experts coming from across the globe.

Below, are some of our favourite Youtubers making some exceptional content for those of us in the 3D World:  


Michael Wilde

With 8 years of experience in VFX, Michael Wilde’s tutorials are fun, engaging and accessible. The channel is carefully curated with sections showcasing tutorials on Zbrush, Mari, Substance, Beliebte and more - Michael Wilde’s channel is a brilliant resource for those of you looking to expand skills within VFX.


These guys definitely mean it when they say ‘Academy’.

With everything from in-depth tutorials, advice videos, Q&As from experts, ArtHero Challenges, and a podcast that delves deep into 3D topics, this channel is an excellent place for both beginners, and those who are always making room to grow their skills.


The ChaosGroupTV channel is managed by global company Chaos, who own VRay software. This channel offers an array of exceptional content from tutorials, to podcasts around 3D, showcasing unique methods of using the software that can really help you master your art, and nurture your creativity in the world of 3D.

Back in November, they rolled out an online festival on the channel called ‘24 hours of Chaos’ with the aim of bringing together artists from the 3d sector from around the world together. The festival content is still housed on Youtube, and there is a huge collection of outstanding content from this such as ‘How to create Photorealistic models of food’ , to talks on sustainability.

We would highly recommend checking this channel out regularly, as it always has some exciting nugget under the realm of 3D.


Offering tutorials on 3D programs, like 3DS Max and Zbrush, as well as education on design, Arrimus is a great resource for designers at all levels.

The content is well organised and very useful, bringing you tool use from beginning to end such as this excellent multi-video series ‘Your First Blender Character’ which outlines building a character from the initial steps, right to the finish.



With a slogan of Let's learn and grow together, Pwnisher offers VFX Education, live 3D Community Challenges, and weekly livestream tutorials on a variety of VFX Topics and some of the bests guests in the game, such as William Faucher, Peter France, and more.

They also offer in depth masterclasses, such as their recent intensive four part 3D Environment Masterclass. This colourful channel really gets down to the nitty gritty of 3D Design in lots of cool ways.


Aisling comes from Ireland and lives in Berlin. She currently works with the Digitaplunge team at RenderThat. Aisling’s biggest interests are music, reading, and traveling.