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The Viewport in Corona Render

Fast solutions for viewpoint struggles in Corona Render


In the beginning, new designers will probably encounter a lot of inconveniences with Corona Interactive. Corona Interactive is  a separate window in 3Ds Max and seems to always move around or to somewhere else, interfering with your work in the viewport, or switching to another monitor (if you working with more than one monitor.)

I am always faced with this problem especially when I would like to change something in my models or visualization quickly and without problems. I have found a very simple solution which helps me shorten my set up time as well allows me to quickly navigate the scene.

the best option is to work in the interactive render mode because this will greatly shorten the set up time and this allows you to

Why is this necessary at all?

1. This is a commonly used feature. Now you don’t need to press F10 every time and select Start Interactive.

2. Convenient launch of interactive rendering. You can see two windows in the viewport and you will not get confused in the windows in the viewport.

See below instruction how you can set it in the Corona Render. But don’t forget you can make interactive renders in two versions.

First Version

Open Render Setup - Scene - Start interactive. In this version you have a separate window with the render. But sometimes it’s uncomfortable.

Here you can see standard Interactive Render

Second Version

Choose one window for the render. Tap on Perspective - Extended Viewports - Corona Interactive.

After that you’ll see Corona’s Image. Click to Start and a little magic.

Congratulations, you can now easily use render in the viewport.



Mary is a CG artist for 3+ years living in Ukraine. In her free time, she enjoys horse riding, specifically show jumping, creative makeup, fast cars and nature photography.