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Our Writers


Veronika is part of RenderThat community management team, writing about hints and tricks for artists in her free time.


Mary is a CG artist for 3+ years living in Ukraine. In her free time, she enjoys horse riding, specifically show jumping, creative makeup, fast cars and nature photography.


Aisling comes from Ireland and lives in Berlin. She currently works with the Digitaplunge team at RenderThat. Aisling’s biggest interests are music, reading, and traveling.


Daria is a fulltime artist with 5+ years of experience, based in Russia. In her free time she likes to paint.


Professional 3D artist specializing in visual ideas and 3D modeling.


Hi, my name is Anastasia, I am a CGI artist with 3+ years of experience. I like cycling, reading books and painting. I`m interested in modern art. I’m really into learning languages and writing.


Szymon is a fulltime artist with 5+ years of experience, based in Poland. On the weekend, he transforms into a motorsports commentator. In his free time, he's an aspiring simracer and vinyl collector.


Ondrej is a fulltime artist with 5+ years of experience, based in Slovakia. He spends his free time with family on roadtrips all over the europe, or shredding tires on race tracks.


Andrii is a full time retoucher with 5+ years of experience, based in Ukraine. In his free time, he likes to photograph and create cg stuff.


Neilmani is a 8.5 years experience full time CGI artist from India, mainly working in look development and realism. He loves to drive, dogs (has 2 of his own) and traveling.


Mykhailo is a fulltime artist with 5+ years of experience, based in Poland. In his free time, he likes to sculpt and design furniture decor.


Nina comes from Belarus and is working as the in-house recruiter for RenderThat in Berlin. She is a photography and design lover. She likes to travel and try new things.


Kayla is an HR professional working with RenderThat. Being a part of a global creative community is so rewarding for her. She sings silly songs as she works and she has a chubby cat named Betty.



Meg is a native Canadian living and working in Berlin. She works for RTC and helped create DigitalPlunge. In her free time she teaches yoga and drinks beer (not at the same time).