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3ds Max shortcuts: Main Interface

For 3ds Max users, hot keys are time- and energy- savers, that allows you to make your working experience as user-friendly as possible.


Knowing their digital tools is essential for digital artists. Each and every software is different, and therefore requires some time to get used to it, and its mechanics. For software users, hot keys are time- and energy- savers, that allow to make working experience as user-friendly as possible.

Continuing the series of blog posts about 3D modelling and visualisation tools, and 3ds Max specifically, here is an overview of 3ds max shortcuts. It is important to note that 3ds Max allows its users to customise the shortcuts in case of personal preferences. These hotkeys are the default version for the 3ds max 2020 and higher.

Main Interface Shortcuts

This article will include all shortcuts available for the main interface. It all starts with creating a new Scene, and ends with saving the final result afterwards.

Next come the editing shortcuts, these should cover all the necessary features to modify your object and/or scene.

When you are editing, it is vital to check your object from all the angles. The camera shifts might help you with that. Check these hotkeys for different view options in 3ds max.

In 3ds Max, one can also create their own physical and standard cameras by using these shortcuts:

Alright, now it is the time for the key shortcuts, the tools. 3ds Max is by far the most commonly used 3D modelling tool, and it can boast an incredible variety of features that might come handy.

If you are working on Polygon object, try these shortcuts:

Once working on the project, one will necessarily need to make selections to work on separate features of an object, or snap some elements. Here are the Select & Snap hotkeys for 3ds Max:

If you wish to render your project in 3ds Max, these hotkeys may come handy:

Last but not least are the shortcuts for animated 3D projects. Once working on animation, it is important to track not only the model, light and textures, but also their look in time.

These were the most common shortcuts for the main user interface in 3ds Max. If you only begin your journey in 3D modelling and animation check out our previous posts on Tips and Tricks and additional tools for 3D artists.

3ds Max


Veronika is part of RenderThat community management team, writing about hints and tricks for artists in her free time.